Junior High: Coming of Age

Led by Ted O’Toole and Kikan Mike Howard

Coming of Age Ceremony 2015

Coming of Age Ceremony 2015

This year, the Junior High group will be doing a Coming of Age Ceremony. The year will have an opening Ceremony and a Closing Ceremony which the parents will need to attend. Because of the special quality of this year, the class will be closed to drop ins, so please consider this commitment for the year. We have done this before and it was a very meaningful event.

The year will start with our weekend trip to Ryumonji Monastery,  where we will be having a special program led by Paula Hirschboeck, “A Council of All Beings.” Please see the flyer below! During the year we will also visit four different religious traditions, as a way for the teens to hear different beliefs and values. We will use these visits as a way for the teens to reflect on what is central to their beliefs.

Classes meet at Clouds in Water Zen Center.

Download the Junior High Calendar for Winter 2018

Please join us or email Kikan Mike Howard for more information.