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For Parents and Children (5 and under)
Classes meet from 9:15-10:30 a.m.

Zen Family Practice is based on the early childhood family education model (parent and child attend the class together). We start by singing dharma songs to welcome the children and formally open the class by lighting a candle on our altar.

The children and parents separate: the parents have a discussion group lead by a teacher that has prepared for the topic and the children enjoy a snack and free form play to build friendships.

The families come back together for story time and a guided meditation for the children to enjoy and the family to learn.  The class is finished with a farewell game and dedication.

Zen Family Practice was created as a way to share ideas about how to cultivate a household with a spiritual center. The parents are encouraged to try new ways of incorporating spiritual practices in their home that support the well being of family life.  Parents have a chance to express their concerns, learn about home-centered practices for families and meet others with similar interests.

Raising children in a spiritual tradition helps to give them the foundation they need as they grow.  By starting at a young age you have the opportunity to create life long patterns that give your children support through difficult times.

Led by Diane Benjamin

Diane Benjamin color 2015

Diane Benjamin

Diane finds a special joy in teaching and learning with our youngest children and their families.“When my daughter was young, I found that Buddhist teachings and mindfulness practice were so helpful to me as a parent, as well as laying a great foundation for my daughter to navigate the road of childhood and early adolescence later on.” Diane brings her love of music, yoga, and creating supportive space for parents to Zen Family Practice.

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