A Layperson’s Intensive, Winter 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 6:00 am

with Senior Dharma Teacher Byakuren Judith Ragir
2 weeks ● Sunday, Mar. 26th – Sunday, Apr. 9th
$50 – registration

Practice Intensive provides a way to experience formal center-based practice with the community. It is constructed so people can continue with daily work and family life.

We will enter into Dogen Zenji, a thirteenth century Zen master’s teaching by studying the Shobogenzo fascicle “One Bright Jewel”.

Byakuren will give five lectures on this fascicle during the intensive.
The class meets every morning for two weeks with the exception of rest day on Mondays.
We would like to get a core group of people willing to do the entire retreat with no exceptions.
*2017 winter intensive schedule*