Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony

A special workshop and ceremony to honor loved ones who have died
with Guiding Teacher Sosan Flynn & Priest-in-training Genjō Conway
Saturday, October 26  • 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Early bird $25  through Sept. 23
Regular $50
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Our family and loved ones touch us deeply. Reconnecting to them in our inner life allows us to feel their love, remember their presence and look for healing and/or find peace.

The Gate of Sweet Nectar has become an annual tradition at Clouds in Water Zen Center. This workshop and ceremony helps us answer the call to honor our ancestors and heal our karma.

The morning will include quiet meditation, a deep listening of the heart, sharing stories about our loved ones who have died and whom we want to honor, participation in a beautifully melodic and healing ceremony called “The Gate of Sweet Nectar”, and a potluck lunch.
Please choose someone whom you want to honor for the ceremony.

For the workshop, please bring:

  1. A dish to share for the pot luck
  2. A photo of the person you are honoring
  3. A small food and/or drink item that represents food and drink that your honoree enjoyed in their life

Includes Pot Luck Lunch,  All are welcome!







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