2019 Rohatsu Sesshin

with Guiding Teacher Sosan Flynn
7 day Dec. 1 – 8  Early bird: $315 through Nov. 7
Regular $420
2 day Dec. 6 – 8 Early bird: $90  through Nov. 7
Regular $120

Zen Buddhists around the world sit in meditation the first week in December to commemorate and re enact the enlightenment of the Buddha.

During this sesshin Sosan will teach on the Ten Stages of Enlightenment from the Avatamsaka (Flower Garland) Sutra.

As buddhas-to-be, we will practice dwelling  in the ten stages, which include joy, radiance, presence and stability, as we sit in zazen and engage in daily activities.

Questions? fish@cloudsinwater.org


What are the ten stages of enlightenment?

Refulgence (shining, focused mind, extradimensional powers)
Blazing Radiance (reflecting the radiance of the teachings)
Difficult to Conquer
Far Going
Good Mind
Clouds of Teaching