With Sosan Flynn, Taizan Alford, Myoshin Benjamin
Tuesdays April 6 – May 11
7-8:30pm CT
On Zoom
Pay what you can

Opening the Heart of Wonder

Practice Period is a time when members of our community come together to support each other in making deeper commitments to daily practice. Practice period, or ango, is a longstanding tradition created by the Buddha during the rainy season as a time for her and his monks to practice deeply together. The word ango is often defined as “living harmoniously.” This practice period we will be deepening our experience with the heart of boundless compassion, using The Heart Sutra: The Womb of Buddhas by Red Pine to guide our study. “The Heart Sutra is the most widely recited scripture in Mahayana Buddhism. It is a text revered by millions of people and regarded as the most succinct presentation of the dharma. In its short form, the text summarizes the selfless experience of reality in meditation, and how this transcends our usual way of thinking.” (Kazuaki Tanahashi)

Practice period includes a weekly meeting to study the Heart Sutra, regular email updates, and the opportunity to connect with a practice period partner and/or small group. After you register, we will send you 1) a checklist whereby you can customize your practice commitments, 2) a list of gathas that will support your daily practice, and 3) a copy of the Heart Sutra to recite/chant daily. 

Join us as we explore our connection to form, boundlessness and wonder in the Heart Sutra and in our daily life and experience the place where relative and absolute realities come together.

Link information will be emailed before the Practice Period.

Classes and sesshin fees are pay-what-you-can. Please note that a $1 donation is needed.  

When considering what to pay Clouds in Water for this Practice Period, please know that the value of this offering is estimated to be $200

Online registration ends 4/4/2021

If you wish to register after 4/4/2021 please contact Taizan directly at taizan@cloudsinwater.org.  Please note that you may not get an immediate response.