With Karen Martinsen
Wednesdays, June 9-30 
7 – 8:30pm CT
On Zoom
Pay what you can, minimum $1
Value: $300

What is right speech? How do we deal with anger so we can live in integrity with our values? How can we develop more equanimity? Marshall Rosenberg was interested in these questions and spent years exploring them. His exploration culminated in his book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. He developed some step by step instructions to start us on our way towards communicating with more honesty and connection with out raising other people’s defenses. We will practice responding to ourselves and others with empathy. How to ask others for help in a clear way that doesn’t expect mind reading. We will practice saying “No” with loving kindness. We will practice transforming our anger into life serving needs. 

Karen Martinsen longs to live in a kinder, more honest world.  She believes much suffering comes from people not knowing what they need or not being able to ask clearly for what they need.  We can change the world by starting with ourselves.  Karen has plenty more work to do this area, come and join her. She is working toward certification in Nonviolent Communication and integrating Rosenberg’s ideas into her daily work as a teacher in a local high school.

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