Zen Treasures: Preparation for Jukai – Sept 23-Nov 18

Zen Treasures: Realizing the Deep Wishes of a Spiritual Life – Preparation for Jukai
With Sosan Flynn, Kyoku Walen, Myo On Hagler and Toku Scott, assisted by Tai Alford
Thursdays, Sept. 23, Oct. 7, 21, Nov. 4, 18
7 – 9 pm CT
In-person and on Zoom
Pay what you can, minimum $5
Value: $200

Clouds in Water requires face covering for all public gatherings in our building. Six feet distance will be maintained.

Zen Treasures: Realizing the Deep Wishes of a Spiritual Life – Preparation for Jukai

This is the first of several classes for students who are interested in receiving the precepts (Jukai ceremony)  in fall of 2022. The prerequisites for participating in this class and receiving jukai can be found here. More more information, please contact Tai Alford, taizan@cloudsinwater.org.  

What is your deepest wish, your inner spiritual calling? In this class, we’ll explore some of the fundamental teachings of Zen Buddhism as you prepare for receiving the precepts. You’ll learn the meaning behind some of the daily chants and rituals, as well as some traditional ceremonial components, with an eye to how these apply to your daily life. This class is offered every two – three years, as part of jukai training. 

Topics include:

  • The Great Bodhisattva Vows
  • The three refuges and the two truths
  • The three pure precepts
  • The lineage and calling forth Buddha’s names
  • Formless atonement and repentance
  • Buddha’s robes
  • Wisdom water


Living by Vow: A Practical Introduction to Eight Essential Zen Chants and Texts by Shohaku Okumura. Note: This text will be used for both this class and the class on the Ten Grave Precepts in the spring/summer of 2022.

*Clouds in Water has purchased 25 paperback copies of Living By Vow, which we are hoping will be available for sale on the first day of class (the book is currently on backorder). The cost is $15. If you do not already own this book, please plan to purchase it from Clouds. Additionally, a pdf copy of the book is available to all class participants.

The Evolution of the Precepts: Study material for the 2008 SZBA National Conference – various translations of the precepts from various teachers and zen centers (129 pages)  

Text of the 14 Mindfulness Trainings from Plum Village (4 pages)

Before the first class, please read: Living by Vow, Chapter 1

Classes and sesshin fees are pay-what-you-can. To help cover administrative costs and activate online registration, the minimum amount we ask is $5.00

When considering what to pay Clouds in Water for this offering, please know that the value of this offering is estimated to be $200

Online registration ends 9/21/2021

If you wish to register after 9/21/2021 please contact the assistant directly at taizan@cloudsinwater.org.  Please note that you may not get an immediate response.