Rohatsu Sesshin – Dec 5-12 or 10-12

December Rohatsu Sesshin
With Sosan Flynn
7-day option: Dec 5, 7 pm – Dec 12, Noon CT
3-day option: Dec 10, 6:30am – Dec 12, Noon CT
In-person and on Zoom
Pay what you can, minimum $5
7-day value: $1,050

3-day value: $450

At check-out, you will be prompted to select Zoom or In-person participation. In-person participation is first-come, first-served and is limited to 15 participants. All other registrations will be for Zoom participation. (Note: we are considering raising the in-person limit, since everyone who is attending in-person will have tested negative for COVID. We will let you know if the in-person limit changes.) You will also be prompted to select the 7-day or 3-day option. 

Zen Buddhists around the world sit in meditation the first week in December to commemorate and re-enact the enlightenment of the Buddha. You are welcome to join us as we sit together.

Sesshin, which means “collecting the heart/mind”, provides a rare chance to step into a sanctuary of stillness, to close the door for a little while on the cacophony, and to appreciate the freedom and spaciousness of life in the present. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, we hope you will consider joining this wonderful practice.

Schedule and Zoom link will be sent to participants before the event.

View a sample schedule here.

COVID Risk Mitigation:

For the in-person sesshin participants, we are requiring that you not only be vaccinated and symptom-free, but that you have a negative COVID self-test right before you attend sesshin on your first day and mid-week if you are sitting the full week. Kits such as BinaxNow and QuickVue At-Home are available at local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens for about $25 for a two-test package. A nationwide shortage of home testing kits is expected when people will be traveling for Thanksgiving, so we encourage you to pick up the kits ASAP. 

Please email us if you require financial assistance to purchase self-test kits:

If you are able and moved to do so, please consider donating to Clouds to support our ability to provide financial assistance and host safer sesshin during the pandemic. Donations are not restricted, and may be used for test kits, to cover sesshin expenses, or general operating expenses.

All attendees must be fully vaccinated.
We ask attendees to refrain from participating in large group activities, such as sporting events or concerts, at least two weeks prior to the sesshin.
Those who are eligible for a booster shot, should get one.
Masks will be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking.
Cushions and chairs in the zendo will be spaced at least three feet apart. 
We will do all chants in a more quiet, speaking voice, rather than robust singing.
High touch surfaces will be wiped down at least once per day during work practice.
For more information on 2021 Rohatsu Sesshin COVID Risk Mitigation, please click here.

Classes and sesshin fees are pay-what-you-can. To help cover administrative costs and activate online registration, the minimum amount we ask is $5.00

When considering what to pay Clouds in Water for this sesshin, please know that the value of this week-long offering is estimated to be $1,050, $450 for the 3-day option.

Online registration ends 11/29/2021

If you wish to register after 11/29/2021 please contact the ino (sesshin coordinator) directly at  Please note that you may not get an immediate response.