Sage Advice: Meditation Instruction through the Ages – Sept 6-27

2022 Sage Advice: Meditation Instruction Through the Ages
With Koji Acquaviva Dreher
Tuesdays, September 6-27, 7-8:30pm
7 – 8:30pm CT 
In-person and on Zoom
Value: $200

In this class we will examine the significant treatises on meditation left to us by our Indian and East Asian ancestors. Some instructions are concrete and exacting, some are psychedelic and cryptic, still others are poetic and simple in expressing a basic attitude toward life as the foundation of practice. We will get to witness the different expressions of practice coming from different temperaments, personalities, and cultures spanning the past 2600 years. Hearing the variety of instructive styles we may move past the myth that practice is straightforward and that the zen approach is a singular one. In doing so, we may discover for ourselves a new resonant approach to zazen and life.

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