The 2023 Spring Appeal is LIVE!

Our Spring Appeal 2023 goal is $15,000

We’re excited to announce that we have a matching-donation program for this Spring Appeal!

5 donors have generously come forward, offering a combined $5,000 in matching donations if we raise $10,000 and gather contributions from at least 50 individuals. 

Every spring and fall, Clouds in Water chooses a special program or aspect of our temple to shine a light on and gather community support for. This spring, we’re focusing on our Youth & Family Practice.

Clouds in Water’s Youth and Family Practice was created as a way for families to dedicate themselves to acting responsibly & compassionately. Raising children in a spiritual tradition gives them the foundation they need as they grow into teens and young adults. Youth and Family Practice emphasizes present-moment awareness, compassion, and practical Buddhist teachings to help navigate life at all ages and stages. Learn more here.

We hope that you will consider contributing to Clouds in Water in ways that feel joyful, wholesome and within your means.

If you are not already a supporting friend or contributing member of Clouds in Water, that’s OK! You can still contribute to the Spring Appeal. And if you already support our temple and the programs we offer, we thank you with deep bows, while also asking if you might be able to make a special additional gift. 

Clouds in Water relies solely on contributions from our community. Every donation, of any amount, helps! Consider the table below, which outlines the number of donors needed at various giving levels for us to reach our Spring Appeal goal. Is there a giving level that feels right for you?

Spring Appeal 2023 giving table

The Spring Appeal is March 15-April 30.

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