Next Steps on the Path – begins Jan. 4

Next Steps on the Path
with Sosan Flynn
Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 pm, January 4 – February 8, 2024

The Eightfold Path is the “how to” of the Buddha Way.It provides a map for how we can practice wisdom, concentration and ethics, some of the most important teachings of 21st century Buddhism. Understanding and practicing the Eightfold Path helps us live our lives in a way that leads to freedom, instead of remaining caught in the running-in-circles world. The practice of this path brings liberation to ourselves and to all beings.

This class is designed to give you a foundation in these important teachings and help you explore how to go forward as a Zen practitioner. As Byakuren Judith Ragir, one of the authors in the book, says, “The Eighfold Path is the continuous activity of living on the ground while exploring the vast expansive sky.” 

The first nine people to register for this class will receive a free copy of the book, The Eightfold Path, edited by Jikyo Cheryl Wolfer. Others may order it from your favorite local, independent bookstore. Please read the Preface and Introduction before the first class.

Contribution:Clouds in Water relies on a Gift Economics Model of resource transparency, suggested sliding scale tiers and no set fees in order to balance financial sustainability, the Buddhist practice of generosity, justice and equity. Clouds in Water is a community supported temple, relying primarily on the donations and class fees that our sangha offers.

Sliding Scale (All are welcome. No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

  • Level 1: $450 (covers teacher payments, and Clouds admin/staffing, and makes it possible for more people to attend who cannot afford the full amount)
  • Level 2: $315 (covers teacher payments and Clouds admin/staffing)
  • Level 3: $135 (covers Clouds admin/staffing)
  • Your Level: You choose the amount. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.

“We know in our hearts that there is a different way to be, a different way to live. Our generosity with one another is indeed resistance to the greed and fear that oppresses us. We provide for one another out of love for each other and love for ourselves. When we give, we acknowledge that all beings want to be happy.”
-Jacoby Ballard

Online registration ends 1/1/2024.  If you would like to register after this date, reach out to