Zen Practice and Liberation for All – Jan. 6th

Zen Practice and Liberation for All
with Sosan Flynn and the White Awakening Group at Clouds in Water
Saturday, January 6, 9 am – 1 pm. Include potluck lunch – please bring food to share.

Free (donations gratefully accepted). Registration required. Note: to register online, a nominal amount must be paid. Alternatively, you can register with no charge by sending an email to info@cloudsinwater.org.

This half-day workshop is designed for white Buddhists and friends who want to create a Sangha (Community) where people of all races, gender, and economic class feel like they belong. This is how we actualize the vow of liberation for all.

The class is open to people who are beginning this journey, as well as those long on the path to exploring the white racial framework that shapes our world. We will explore how whiteness impacts our lives and hinders us from being present to the racialized world we live in and look deeply into how white racial conditioning affects our lives and the lives of people of color in our Sangha and beyond.

The morning will include meditation, chanting, and an exploration of how our zen practice is not separate from the work of dismantling white supremacy. We will create a space where white-bodied practitioners can listen and speak from the heart about this important work which is sometimes painful, emotionally charged and tender. When we look deeply at white racial conditioning, these difficulties transform and the result is joyful, uplifting and liberating for ourselves, the Sangha, and the world. 

Online registration ends 1/5/2023.