The Virtue of Patience, March 5 – April 23

The Virtue of Patience,  the antidote to anger

Online Class with Flying Fish Murphy
Tuesdays, March 5 – April 23, 6:30 – 8 pm
Online Only

This 8-week class meets every other Tuesday online.  The class will cover Shantideva’s chapter on Patience from the classic text, The Way of The Bodhisattva.  This text, written over 1,200 years ago, is still insightful and relevant to our everyday life. Shantideva’s loving kindness shows through with uncompromising teaching to help us understand the importance of cultivating and practicing patience. 

Shantideva was an 8th-century CE Indian philosopher, Buddhist monk, poet, and scholar who studied at the historic Nalanda University. In this chapter Shantideva helps us to face the harm of anger and the virtue that is gained when we  cultivate patience.  

Although Patience is the sixth chapter of Shantideva’s Guide, you need not have studied the previous chapters to participate in this class. This is your opportunity to study with a small number of participants, max 10, to learn and develop your practice. Please contact Andrea Farley ( who will put you in touch with Flying Fish before registering for this class.

Flying Fish Murphy, currently living in Portland, joins Clouds in Water from Dharma Rain Zen Center.   She was ordained in 2005 by Diane Martin at Udumbara Zen Center in Evanston, Illinois, and transmitted by Byakuren Judith Ragir at Clouds in Water Zen Center in 2015. From 2005-2018 Flying Fish was a teacher at Clouds in Water Zen Center, where she helped advance the youth and family program. She completed her certified pastoral education in 2006 and worked as a hospital chaplain at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and as a hospice chaplain at Allina Hospice. Since 2019 she has been practicing with Dharma Rain Zen Center, where she now serves as a transmitted teacher. Her background includes a BA in art history and M.Arch in architecture. She lives with her husband and enjoys family life.

Contribution:Clouds in Water relies on a Gift Economics Model of resource transparency, suggested sliding scale tiers and no set fees in order to balance financial sustainability, the Buddhist practice of generosity, justice and equity. Clouds in Water is a community supported temple, relying primarily on the donations and class fees that our sangha offers.

Sliding Scale (All are welcome. No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

  • Level 1: $320 (covers teacher payments, and Clouds admin/staffing, and makes it possible for more people to attend who cannot afford the full amount)
  • Level 2: $200 (covers teacher payments and Clouds admin/staffing)
  • Level 3: $80 (covers Clouds admin/staffing)
  • Your Level: You choose the amount. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.

“We know in our hearts that there is a different way to be, a different way to live. Our generosity with one another is indeed resistance to the greed and fear that oppresses us. We provide for one another out of love for each other and love for ourselves. When we give, we acknowledge that all beings want to be happy.”
-Jacoby Ballard

Online registration ends 3/3/24, OR when the maximum amount of participants have registered (10 people).

REGISTER HERE, after contacting Andrea at