Everyone is a Member!

Membership at Clouds in Water is an expression of your commitment to awakening the heart of great wisdom and compassion by joining our sangha. You decide when you are a member; a financial donation is not a requirement for membership.

As we carry out our spiritual practice in multiple and various ways: daily sitting, weekly dharma talks, regular volunteerism, and biannual practice periods, there are as many way to give financially to Clouds for those that wish to. We hope you will contribute generously on varying occasions by dropping a few dollars into the dana each week, establishing a monthly recurring gift, and donating to our semi-annual appeals. Each of these support our work in different and meaningful ways and we count on a generous sangha to make us strong, nimble, and in service to community.

We ask that you look into your heart and give in a way that brings you joy!

Click here to make a donation.

For questions or ideas, please email our Executive Director (ed [at] cloudsinwater [dot] org) or call 651-222-6968 ext.2.