Board of Directors

Raúl Ramos, Board-chair
Dan Mattimiro, Vice-chair
Tom Robbins, Treasurer
Ashley Carlin, Secretary
Peter Braude
Steve Plachinski
Rachel Vilsack
Rashad Hameed
D.T. Rogers
Martín Hernandez
Emily Buckley

Non-voting Board Members:
Sosan Theresa Flynn, Guiding Teacher
Koji Acquaviva Dreher, Executive Director

Contact the Board:

Role of the Board:

  • Help ensure that the activities and work at Clouds are in alignment with & advance the organization's mission
  • Have oversight over and periodically review the performance of the Executive Director and Guiding Teacher
  • Ensure the financial health of Clouds through oversight of assets, spending, and fundraising activities
  • Help lead long-term strategic and/or development planning for the organization
  • Board members who are practicing Buddhists view board service as part of (not separate from) their spiritual practice