Board of Directors

Raúl Ramos, Board-chair
Martín Hernandez, Vice-chair/Secretary
Brigid Riley
Julie Warner

Non-voting Board Members:
Sosan Theresa Flynn, Guiding Teacher
Minna Jain, Executive Director


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Role of the Board:

  • Help ensure that the activities and work at Clouds are in alignment with & advance the organization's mission
  • Have oversight over and periodically review the performance of the Executive Director and Guiding Teacher
  • Ensure the financial health of Clouds through oversight of assets, spending, and fundraising activities
  • Help lead long-term strategic and/or development planning for the organization
  • Board members who are practicing Buddhists view board service as part of (not separate from) their spiritual practice
The Clouds in Water Board of Directors  meetings are open to members of the community who would like to attend. There may be opportunities to voice concerns, ask questions, or offer ideas, though the chairperson will move us along to stay on schedule when necessary. There also may be instances in meetings where a sensitive topic is discussed and those who are not board members may be asked to step out of the room/log off for the duration of those conversations.
Our next meeting is October 26 at 6:30pm.

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