February Practice Intensive – Engaging with the Cries of the World – Feb 6-14

Engaging with the Cries of the World: We are invited during this intensive to investigate with curiosity how our practice supports our lived experiences. Engaged Buddhist practices invite us to connect more deeply with practice realization. How do we engage more fully with the cries of the world in relationship to ourselves, family, friends and beyond. How do we in the midst of chaos and confusion anchor ourselves and all beings in spiritual stability? We will practice together with these questions. Zazen, council practice, and dharma talks will be offered during this intensive.

February Sesshin – Feb 12-14

Sesshins are silent intensive meditation retreats.

Dealing with Anger and Conflict – Feb 23-Mar 16

We will study the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha & Dogen in addition to contemporary teachers Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodren and Norman Fisher, focusing on ways to practice with anger and conflict. We will explore how to turn these energies into beneficial actions.

Intro to Meditation and Zen Buddhism – Feb 27

This class offers an introduction to meditation and Zen Buddhism. We will cover how to meditate, how to set up a meditation space at home, basic Buddhist terms and teachings, and an overview of the Clouds in Water community. There will also be time for practice and conversation.