Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction classesCODC temple
offered by Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center

One of our sister centers, Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center, offers a series of classes called “Total Dynamic Living: Introductory Program in Mindfulness.” This is a thorough, well-structured introduction to mindfulness practice in everyday life. It follows the nationally acclaimed MBSR model developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, presenting mindfulness as a universal practice for people of any religious background. The program includes instruction and practice in sitting meditation, gentle yoga, body awareness meditation, and daily-life applications of mindfulness. It also includes information about stress and relaxation. The program enables participants to develop their own base in mindfulness practice integrated into everyday life.

Class sessions typically begin in September, January, March and June.

Classes are offered at Compassionate Ocean in Northeast Minneapolis and Clouds in Water in St. Paul.

For more information/registration, please see the Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center website.