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To build community through a spirit of generosity, increasing our capacity to notice differences in other people’s lives and to see ways we can be of help.


Hearts and Hands gives us the opportunity to connect with each other and provide assistance when a sangha member experiences hardship.

This may involve offering a ride or meal, housework, visiting in the hospital or home, or other ways that let people know the community supports them.

Hearts and Hands strives to be of assistance in some small way, filling an immediate need. Requests will be reviewed by coordinators and volunteers will be enlisted based on their availability.

Through giving and receiving, we experience the source of compassion and the warm, loving heart of our practice together.

Give and Receive

If you would like to volunteer, OR if you—or someone you know in the Clouds in Water membership—would like assistance, please

Information for those grieving

Click here for information on Memorial Services and Funerals.
Click here to download the At Home Memorial Brochure , a 49-day practice of dedication. This booklet contains prayers and chants to help the deceased and also help with the grieving process.