Mindfulness Practice

Entering the Path

Making a commitment to a regular mindfulness and meditation practice is the path to greater awareness of self, spirit, and community. Scattered as we usually are, it is easy to forget what life is truly about. A committed meditation and spiritual practice can save as the antidote.

Getting Started

Establishing Your Practice

  • Sit regularly at home and come to scheduled weekday meditations when possible.
  • Attend the full Sunday morning schedule, including early meditation and breakfast.
  • Make an ongoing volunteer commitment.
  • Continue taking classes.
  • Explore bringing the practice into all aspects of daily life.
  • Meet with a teacher.
  • Participate in sesshin, community practice mornings, and/or practice periods.

Deepening Your Practice

  • Commit to a consistent daily meditation practice at home and regular group meditation at Clouds.
  • Participate regularly in sesshin.
  • Meet regularly with a teacher.
  • Consider formal train through Jukai (lay ordination), priest or teacher ordination, Shuso (head monk) ordination, or dharma transmission.
  • Serve as a temple officer, board member, or other leadership role at Clouds.