Practicing at Clouds in Water

We are holding all of our meditations, classes, and other events on Zoom and In-person when possible

Clouds in Water welcomes students at all levels to develop and deepen their spiritual practice through a broad range of programs and offerings and through the building of a healthy, balanced, and inclusive community. You do not need to be a member to participate.

View this video to get acquainted with our community. Welcome!


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Some basic advice about meditation

The aim of meditation is to be intimate with whatever arises.

  • Breathe gently through your nose. Follow the breath as it moves in and out from a point two finger widths beneath your navel.
  • Allow the breath to support awareness of the body, feelings, and the mind.
  • When your attention wanders, gently and directly return to the vivid present moment.
  • For sitting meditation, if it's appropriate for your body, sit comfortably with your back naturally straight either on a cushion or in a chair.
  • For walking meditation, if it's appropriate for your body, walk with awareness of your breath. As you inhale, raise the heel of your foot. When you reach the height of inhalation, slowly swing the foot forward, taking half a step. As you touch the ball of your foot to the floor, gently exhale. Then gently lower the rest of the foot.