2020 Fall Practice Period • The Boundless Heart

Myo On Susan Hagler

October 4 – November 21
coordinated by Myo On Susan Hagler

Programming fees are pay-what-you-can. A minimum payment of $1 is needed to activate online registration.

Practice Period is a time when our community comes together with practice energy and community members make commitments to daily practice. In this practice period you are invited to explore the Divine Abodes: Immeasurable Kindness/Friendliness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity. There will not be a formal practice period class, but instead, you will receive updates via email and the opportunity to link up with a practice period buddy, or small group.  After you register, you will receive a survey asking for your practice commitments and whether or not you are interested in connecting with another person or group. You will receive a list of gathas that will support your daily practice, as well as a copy of the “Metta Sutta” to recite/chant daily. In addition, you are invited to refer to Christina Feldman’s book Boundless Heart: The Buddha’s Path of Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity,  or check out Christina Feldman’s and Chris Cullen’s podcasts. 

Metta Sutta

Fall 2020 Practice Period Reflections

2020 Fall PP Booklet
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About Buddhist Practice Periods:

The tradition of intensive or focused periods of practice is common to virtually all schools of Buddhism. In the Japanese Zen tradition these practice periods are known as ango (peaceful dwelling). This time tested training is an opportunity for practitioners to clarify their spiritual intentions, to deepen their realization and to more fully integrate their practice life by dedicating themselves to a specific and focused time and tenor of Buddhist practice. Returning in this way to the three treasures of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha the entire community is upheld and revitalized.

It is important to be realistic about our responsibilities and maintain balance in home, work and spiritual life. From that understanding, participants in the practice period are asked to design a practice intention that will push them beyond their current level of commitment, is doable given their circumstances and preserves and respects family, health and work.