Social Action in Buddhism

Fall, 2016

Week 1: Onryu Kennedy and Kyoku Walen
Ties that Bind, Mary Beth Faimon •  Dakota Commemorative March, Chris Mato Nunpa
Class 1

Week 2: Ramona Kitto Stately

Week 3: Sheldon Wolfchild – We do not have access to the documentary that was shown, The Spirit Water People, Part I: “The Indian System”  Class 3 – Intro

Class 3.1 – Q & A

Week 4: Sheldon Wolfchild
No audio.
See links:  Doctrine of DiscoveryInformation.
Thanks to Gail Lewellan we have a copy of this video here at Clouds!

Week 5: John Morrin
Talk by John Morrin

Week 6:  Rashad Hameed – no audio

Week 7: Lee Lewis

Talk by Lee Lewis