Clouds in Water Temple Officers

Ino Ryo: Taizan Alford, Diane Benjamin
The Temple Coordinator: this person helps to lead many of the practice activities of the Sangha under the direction of the Guiding Teacher. Contact the Ino regarding any questions about sesshin or temple ceremonies.

Tenzo Ryo: Dan Mattimiro, Marilyn Kaman
The head cook. Contact the Tenzo if you would like to volunteer to help with meals or bring food to special events.

The head server, primarily during sesshins.

Jikido: Satya Scott
Leader who organizes and directs work practice known as samu ryo. Contact the Jikido if you have any questions or suggestions about the physical space and facilities at Clouds.

Guest Manager:
The person who arranges details for out of town guests of the Center. Contact the Guest Manager if you would like to volunteer when a special guest speaker or teacher is at Clouds.