Youth Practice Program

We offer programs for toddlers through high school.

  • Grades K-6: Classes provide developmentally appropriate activities including mindfulness and meditation for children.
  • Zen Family PracticeFor parents/caregivers and their children from birth to kindergarten age, and older siblings.
  • Teen Class: Practical Buddhism for Teens, grades 7-12.

Grades K-6 and Zen Family Practice take place on alternate Sundays.

About Youth Practice

Our joyful mission is to awaken the heart of great wisdom and compassion in the next generation.

Mindfulness and/or meditation are part of each class. We convey the teaching message with stories, presentation and discussion. We embody the teaching with creative activities ranging from games and skits to journaling and service projects. Rather than tell students what they “should” do, we co-create awakening practices, then encourage students to experiment and find what works best for them.

The program depends on parents serving as teachers, substitute teachers, and helpers. We kindly request that one family member co-teach every third year. Lesson plans are provided, and you receive credit toward classes at the center. If teaching is not a good fit, we can find an alternative service.

To learn more, or to volunteer, contact:

Youth Practice Leader: Kikan Mike Howard

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Celebrating over 20 years of engaging programming for children and youth.