Youth Practice Interconnections

This newsletter shares ideas and activities from Youth Practice with the community. We talk about basic Buddhist practice, using examples from daily life. Everyone is welcome to read it. New issues are released on Sunday mornings to accompany Grades 1-6 sessions of Youth Practice.

The newsletter is on hold during the stay-at-home period; in it’s place, we have started a Youth Practice YouTube Channel for short “distance learning” videos. Announcements of new videos will go out on the mailing list. You can subscribe to email updates via this link.


2020-04-04: “The Hunter and the Quail”: Story and Discussion with Kikan

2020-04-04: “The Mouse and the Buddha”: Story Time with Myoshin

2020-04-04: “Breathing In, Breathing Out”: Song Time with Myoshin

“To Students Everywhere” by Angela Martin (external link)

2020-03-25: “Anh’s Anger”: Story Time with Myoshin

2020-03-23: “Sit Down by James – Samsara Version” – Song and Discussion with Kikan

2020-03-17: Peaceful Piggy Story Time with Myoshin

2020-03-17: The Value of Friends


2020-03-08: The Wheel of Life

2020-02-23: Gratitude for the Earth

2020-02-09: Making Friends With Monkey Mind

2020-01-26: Feelings Are Important

2020-01-12: You Are Perfect And Complete

2019-11-17: Courage and Energy at Stonewall