Youth Practice Interconnections

This page shares ideas and activities from Youth Practice with the community. We talk about basic Buddhist practice, using examples from daily life. There is good material here for adults as well as children and teens.

We are currently focusing on Youth Practice meetings on Zoom. It’s a chance for the students to see each-other and practice mindfulness together, including games, stories and other activities, in a structured, supportive format. If your children are interested in attending and you are not already on the mailing list, you can email kikan [at] cloudsinwater [dot] org

Slides from Youth Practice on Zoom

These are large PDF files of the slides we have used in our Zoom sessions. They are used as backgrounds by the presenter, who usually appears over the slides on the left – except for stories, where we usually share the screen. These slides have proved to be an essential part of our sessions; a visual focus that helps us keep on track. As a bonus, they also help document what we’ve done and share it with the community.

2020-07-26: Youth Practice Live #12: “Past, Present, and Future”

2020-07-19: Youth Practice Live #11: “Fish and Birds, Water and Sky”

2020-07-05: Youth Practice Live #10: “Independence and Interdependence”

2020-06-28: Youth Practice Live #9: “Humans and Animals”

2020-06-21: Youth Practice Live #8: “Space: Above and Within”

2020-06-14: Youth Practice Live #7: “Brains and Bodies”

New Zen Stories

Princess Five-Weapons

Stories are more important than ever, especially as they are one of a small number of activities that work well on Zoom. The problem is, we’ve run out of good, illustrated, Buddhist stories in the Grades 1-6 range. So, we are making new illustrated stories… basically, by whatever means necessary. Some may be based on existing stories, but updated for modern times. In some cases, they may be drawn from entirely new sources.

Please note that some of these stories tend to be a bit ‘edgier’ than our previous Grades 1-6 fare. They have been generally well liked in Grades 1-6. But, parental guidance may be advised for younger children.

2020-07-26: Katagiri Comics #1: War, Energy, and Peace

2020-07-01: Responsibility: A Jataka Tale  (video)

2020-06-21: The Best Food

Princess Five Weapons and Sticky-Hair the Monster 


2020-07-01: Buddhist Fables: “Responsibility”

2020-05-01: “Steps and Stones” Story Time with Myoshin

2020-04-15: “The Six Realms Blues” with Kikan

2020-04-14: “The Sun in My Belly” Story Time with Myoshin

2020-04-04: “The Hunter and the Quail”: Story and Discussion with Kikan

2020-04-04: “The Mouse and the Buddha”: Story Time with Myoshin

2020-04-04: “Breathing In, Breathing Out”: Song Time with Myoshin

Resource: “To Students Everywhere” by Angela Martin (external link)

2020-03-25: “Anh’s Anger”: Story Time with Myoshin

2020-03-23: “Sit Down by James – Samsara Version” – Song and Discussion with Kikan

2020-03-17: Peaceful Piggy Story Time with Myoshin

2020-03-17: The Value of Friends


2020-03-08: The Wheel of Life

2020-02-23: Gratitude for the Earth

2020-02-09: Making Friends With Monkey Mind

2020-01-26: Feelings Are Important

2020-01-12: You Are Perfect And Complete

2019-11-17: Courage and Energy at Stonewall

Katagiri Project

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