Zen for Teens

A group for teens, grades 7-12.

With Kikan Mike Howard and Guest Teachers from the Zen Community.

Building on our work last year in the Coming of Age program, we will continue to explore our values and build connections to the community. Each week we will explore one of the Sixteen Boddhisattva Precepts. We will invite special guest teachers from the Twin Cities Zen community to speak to the class.

The format of the class is interactive: after a short formal talk, we will break up into small groups where the teens can have a discussion with their peers. We then bring questions and insights back to the full group. Each class will start with some meditation.

The Precepts are “where the rubber meets the road” in Zen; where our practice meets the big wild world. At the same time, the Precepts are not harsh rules to fret over, but guideposts and tools that help us approach our lives with confidence. Students will be encouraged to think and see for themselves how these ideas may be helpful to them. We will endeavor to present the Precepts in a practical, down to earth way, while not losing sight of their ultimate, liberating meaning.

Students will be asked to do a community service project of their choice, to put their principles into action. They will also collaborate on making a yearbook for the class; each student will receive their own copy.

This class is open to all interested teens in grades 7-12. Although we will practice some Zen forms, you need not consider yourself a Buddhist. On the other hand, this class is also an excellent choice for any teens considering Jukai (Receiving the Precepts).

Please give the name, age and grade of your student when registering.

Dates: Every Sunday, 12:00 – 1:30 pm at Clouds in Water
September 23 – November 11, 2018
January 27 – March 24, 2019
With some exceptions for special events.

Suggested donation: $125 for one teen, $200 for two teen, or $250 for three or more.
These are the suggested amounts, please pay what you can.
Please give the name, age and grade of your student in the notes field when registering.

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Teen Calendar 2018-2019

Teen Class Flyer

 Questions? Email Kikan Mike Howard.